These Rules and Regulations “Rules” are incorporated into and made a part of the Agreement between the Customer and the Owner. Terms in these Rules have the same meaning given to those terms in the Agreement. If any conflict shall occur, the Agreement terms will prevail. Owner reserves the right to change and/or modify “RR” at any time with a thirty (30) notice on our website. We encourage you to check back often for any updates.

Our units are available for our Customer’s personal property. Following is a list of “don’ts”;
  • Customers shall at all times conduct themselves in a professional manner. Owner will not tolerate any type of harassment toward Owner, employees, vendor, other Customers etc.
  • Store items that attract vermin, create a nuisance, have odor, or endanger the health or safety of people or the environment including but not limited to mothballs
  • Modify the Unit in any way
  • Allow anyone else to use the Unit and/or have access to the facility
  • Store animals, food or perishable items
  • Store any personal information or items that are protected under identity theft laws. Owner reserves the right to destroy any items that fall under this category and charge Customer.
  • Customer agrees not to connect to any services used by the Store, unless expressly agreed to by Agreement with Owner.
  • Only trained/certified service animals will be allowed in the facility
  • Store dumpster is for Store use only – should a violation occur, Customer will be charged
  • Customer agrees not to hang or affix anything to the walls or sprinkler heads and to allow for a minimum of 18” inch clearance of all sprinkler heads.
  • Customer may not conduct a business or hobby, manufacture, exhibit, or sell items from the Unit
  • Customer agrees that no illegal activities will be performed at the facility or in the Unit
  • Guns, ammunition, weapons, hazardous materials, illegal or legal drugs cannot be stored in Unit
  • Customer agrees to abide by facility hours and leave unit door open while they are working in said unit

Unlocked Units and Overlocks
  • If a unit is found unlocked, Owner will place a new lock on unit and cost of lock will be charged to Customer
  • If unit rent remains past due for 30 Days, Owner will remove lock and prepare to sell contents.

Facility Gates, Drive-thru Bay, Driveways and Security
  • Only active unloading and loading vehicles should enter the Drive-thru bay
  • Pull up to the key-pad and enter Customer gate code
  • Wait for large roll up door to open fully before pulling into bay
  • Once in bay, follow the overhead signs – PULL TO THE SIDE AND PULL FORWARD
  • Owner will not be liable for any damage to vehicles that try to enter under one code, that do not follow the rules etc. One code equals one vehicle
  • Any damage caused by improper use or negligence by Customer or Customer’s guest will be the responsibility of the Customer.
  • All driveways and drive through bay are for vehicular use only. Pedestrians are not permitted to walk through the driveways and should use the man doors provided.
  • Owner has installed security systems/entry systems/cameras and video are for Owners protection only. Please do not rely on these systems to protect your Unit or your belongings.

Storage a motorized vehicle
  • All motorized vehicle requires a drip tray and/or cardboard to prevent fluids from leaking on the Unit floor. Should such leak occur, Customer shall remediate to Owners specifications or Owner will remediate at Customer expense.
  • Stored vehicles must be insured, and proof of insurance provided
  • Stored vehicles must be in good working order
  • Only 1 vehicle may be stored in a space

Special Equipment & Keys
  • For those units with key-pad entry, Owner will program keypad with Customers entry code – codes can only be changed by Owner.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement
  • Customer should be aware the Owner cooperates with law enforcement officials in all reasonable respects including, but without limitation, allow law enforcement officials to comply with and enforce search warrants, and providing business records (excluding financial information), video footage, and subpoenaed documents to law enforcement officials.

Facility Fees
  • Owner does not send monthly invoices
  • Owner reserves the right to change and/or charge additional fees by giving Customer advance notice or posting notice on Owners website
  • The list of fees set forth in the Agreement is not all inclusive and additional fees my apply.

Climate controlled
  • The facility is climate-controlled Owner will use all reasonable efforts to maintain the temperature between 60 and 80 degrees.
  • Owner encourages Customer to regularly visit and inspect Unit to protect contents against mold or mildew.

Payment Methods
  • Owner accepts the following payment types, cash, credit card, debit card or ACH
  • In the event of a default, the only acceptable form of payment is cash.

Rules and Regulations (“RR”)